Panel Discussion | AHU

Today we're featuring a custom control panel made by one of our techs. 


The purpose of a Air Handling Unit(AHU) panel is to regulate and circulate air in order to keep the temperature inside a space comfortable, whether it's in the summer when you need the AC to be cranked up, or if it's in the winter when you need the heater to be running. AHUs are made up of different sections that make your AC and Heating system function like a well oil machine. 

As you can see the gray and green boxes, which are the controls models. The components below them are the safety relays. The rest at the bottom are the transformers. To the right of all of this, you have terminal strips. 

All of these components work together in order to make your system function effectively. We'll go more into detail as to what each component does in a future blog. 

In the meantime, if you're interested in having us set up some custom panels for you, or would like to discuss an estimate, Contact Us. 



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